Recently I had a not so subtle reminder about being in control, attached and holding on too tightly.

I’m a reformed control freak and if you ask some people they would say I am not really all that reformed.

Let’s just say I am a work in progress!

The thing about thinking you’re in control.

When you think you can control everything now and then life likes to remind you that you’re not and it can do it in subtle ways at first.

And if you ignore the signs it can sometimes give you a considerable nudge, in the face, with a chair.

What life has taught me with its subtle and not so subtle nudges is that life is short.

Shorter for some than for others.

And in the time that we have we sometimes need to learn, heed, be aware of, the fact that there are few things we can genuinely control and an endless list of the things we can’t.

Here are a few of those things you CAN control:

1. Your thoughts. Believe it or not you are in control of every single thing you think. For some though, they have been thinking certain thoughts for so long with such intensity that they think “this is just how I am”.

It’s not “how you are” it’s how you have chosen to think, it was a gift that was given to you by your environment and experiences but they are not carved in stone and when you reach a certain level you must accept responsibility for them and change them.

2. Your feelings. No one has a remote control button for your emotions. Although sometimes it feels like it right? This has been a big one for me and it takes MASSIVE self responsibility to realise.

No one can make you angry, sad, hurt or upset. They can only act in certain ways that you look at and choose to view as and mean certain things which may create those feelings. People act, we judge and then we choose to “be”.

Imagine never having a button pushed ever again? Not everyone is ready for #2 but when you are you start feeling genuine freedom.

3. Your choices. Yes you can choose to be happy right now and without achieving a certain status or number in your bank account.

You can choose to be healthy and choose to be wealthy. But the choices themselves don’t get you there it is “choice’s” best friend that we must work with. Choice on its own is mental and life is a 3-parter, we must consider the physical and the spiritual.

4. Your actions. Yes, Action is Choice’s symbiotic bestest buddy and something you are in control of. You can choose to be wealthy but if you don’t act on that choice then you ain’t gonna get squat.

Your actions are the bridge between the Quantum world and this reality and if you want your thoughts and visions to manifest then you must open the gateway and walk through the door with them to make them a reality.

5. Your Meanings. Is it good, bad or ugly? Is it a hopeless failure or a lesson in strength, grit, determination and persistence?

I am, life is, money is, business is like, failure means?

Success never happens first time and rarely the second or third. So if and when you mess up (and you will many times) if you choose a meaning that doesn’t empower you then you are already screwed.

Be kind to yourself and choose to see your weaknesses as strengths in development, your failures as the essential lessons you asked for to acquire the necessary skills to succeed.

When you think this way it allows you to live unencumbered and free because you don’t have the weight of all the shit “things” in your life holding you down. They actually start to build you up.

Now lets look at just 1 thing you CAN’T control:

1. When you die.

Success leaves clues and I have read countless biographies of some of the wealthiest self-made people on this planet and I have seen a common thread.

When people experience mortality it changes them. It changed me more than I could ever articulate and continues to.

When people have a close call with death through illness or tragedy – self, close friends or family, it creates a necessary reality check that “life here is short” and is limited and you only get one shot at this life.

This realisation for many is enough to light a fire so bright that it burns there names into the history books of great business people remembered for being Great and doing Great things.

There is no amount of poverty that you can acquire that will help you change the world. The ones who affect the greatest change in this world good and bad are the ones who control the flow of money.

I want to change the world and frankly I really am crazy enough to think I can.

And to assist me in continuing to manifest that I am going to keep building businesses and using my success to further our reach and impact to do just that.

Do you want to join me making a difference?

To do that at the highest level you need to be able to afford the time and income required to do it and if you’re open to the idea I can help you do that.

A successful business is the Key.

Blue skies and Hula Pies,


Kerwin Rae