You want total freedom? Rookie errorMost people think they want freedom to be able to do what they want, when they want. Would you think that would be the life you have always wanted right?

Would you think that would be the dream?

Rookie error.

In nearly every case the desire to do whatever, whenever has not been governed by considering what life would be like with no boundaries.

Being a parent to a beautiful baby boy is teaching me so much about business, it is like I am in a full-time training program. Well, I guess I am.

My son Noah is in a phase right now where he is searching for his “New” boundaries which can create CHAOS!

Which means he is currently pushing the old ones?

Watching him while he wonders, “What will happen if I keep banging this ceramic mug on the glass sliding door? (as I race across the room moving faster than a one-armed bricklayer!)

There are times when his exploration requires no more than me being there and being supportive as he learns his healthy limits by making his own mistakes safely.

Other times as a parent who doesn’t want to see his child hurt himself, I have to step in and help form a new healthy boundary by finding a way to communicate a limit without breaking his spirit.

Business is so much like parenting it is crazy!

As business owners, we are constantly seeking and searching for new boundaries as we try to navigate everything that comes with being in business and growing it to a point of success.

The challenge we have being infants in business (i.e. still finding out how to run a profitable business without hurting ourselves and others in the process) is often we don’t have anyone there to help protect us when we are headed for danger…

For me, there was a period where I thought having no one telling me what I could and couldn’t, should and shouldn’t do was total freedom.

Then I lost 3 businesses, collapsed 5 times and was hospitalised twice from exhaustion.

That was the result of doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

Hard lesson. Even harder to own.

Our kids, when they are growing, need our unconditional love and guidance. That’s how they learn, grow and become healthy kids, teenagers and eventually young adults.

Without the guidance of a good parent, a good role model they can end up in all sorts of trouble and mischief. In extreme situations even on the wrong side of the law.

Business is exactly the same.

Without the right guidance, in nearly every case, business owners end up in all sorts of trouble.

And just like when kids get into trouble – it affects the whole family.

Same goes when in business. If the business is in trouble it will affect everyone in the family as well.

Personally, I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for the guidance that I had to seek out myself.

Yea, that’s right, I had to go looking.

After my 3rd business failure, I realised NO ONE was coming to save me!

I had to save myself. So I had to go looking for the help.

Today where experts are a dime a dozen and there are almost more seminars than there are people going to them it’s hard to find real help, proven methods that provide almost instant impact.

Do yourself a favor and get some help.

No big call to arms or “but wait” scarcity call here today, just a suggestion.

Get some help. Life, business, parenting, in fact, everything is easier when you have someone guiding you based on REAL experience.

My 3 business failures taught me and proved something to me that has been top of mind ever since?

If hard work were the key to success then we would see a lot more Australian businesses being wildly successful. 

To become truly successful at the highest level in your field, you must learn how to rise above the noise and seduction of busy work and become laser focused on the priorities that create raging success.

Business is easy, it is the discipline that most people struggle with.

The discipline to ASK for help when you need it. 

The discipline to LEARN what to do. 

The discipline to IMPLEMENT what works.

And the discipline to laser focuses on the PRIORITIES that are of critical importance to growth.

Kerwin Rae