You’ve got to understand; you have one life.

But a lot people are living like they’re going to live forever. And you’re not. You’re going to get to a point in your life and go, “Oh you know what, I wish I had done more”.

Napoleon Hill identified that there are three common triggers that create massive momentum very quickly for people in their pursuit of wealth and business.

1. Relationship

A relationship. They meet someone of significance that charges them up and makes me want to go and conquer the world. They meet someone that inspires them.

2. Legacy

The second one is the birth of a child, which Napoleon points to as the realisation of legacy. It’s when you start to realise that you have a being that you created and are now responsible for, and you want to ensure you take care of this being the best you can.

When I found out my wife was pregnant my productivity went through the roof and my work hours went through the floor. I studied every single hack I could find to learn how to increase my output whilst working less so that I could be a father.

3. Mortality

The third one is experiencing mortality. The experience of mortality, either through a near-death experience with yourself, a near-death experience with a loved one, or the loss of someone that you deeply care about. Someone you thought would live forever.

So, it’s not until you realise how precious and short life is that you actually start to realise and understand this thing called time.

The reason so many people aren’t successful right now isn’t because they don’t have the talent or the skills, it’s because they simply don’t value time. Time is literally the most precious resource that you have in your possession that you can choose to invest at will which will then determine where you are tomorrow, five years, 10 years, 20 years from now.

But so many of us are investing time into shitty investments and the reality is the only thing you will leave behind apart from a pocket full of minerals, is a legacy.

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So the question I’d ask you today is, if today was your last day would you be happy with what you left behind? Would you feel like you fulfilled your life’s purpose? And if the answer is no, then my question to you is what are you going to do differently then? What are you going to do differently now, than you did yesterday?

Kerwin Rae