You are the media

There was once a time that in order to get your message out to a mass audience you had to pay thousands of dollars to get a slot in the local newspaper, or an ad on the radio or TV.

Now, all you need are two things – a smartphone and the internet.

There has never been a time in modern society quite like now, where every day people have the same potential reach as a media outlet.

You are the media.

But you gotta start thinking like them. You have to start understanding your audience and delivering the value and information they require. You have to give them a reason to want to consume your content.

Because the reality is, you have the exact same fundamental tools as any media company. You have the power to make your own news, spread your own information and educate your own audience.

This is a ground-breaking time to be in business!

It used to be only celebrities and politicians who could use their voice and fame to tap into the mainstream media networks, but now people are looking to entrepreneurs and businesses to lead the way.

You could be one of them, and I’ll show you how in my latest Fast Growth Summit Social Media Series tour across Australia.

From January 30, I’m heading back out on the road with my step-by-step blueprint to show businesses around the country how to use social media to grow their brand, business and revenue.

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Social media is ready for you…the question is, are you ready to use it?

Kerwin Rae