A lot of great leaders come from humble backgrounds and that stands true with one of Australia’s most well known chefs and restaurateurs Matt Moran.

Founder of such dining establishments as Aria Sydney and Opera Bar, Matt has 30+ years in the food industry and grew from a simple farm boy and dish washer to now known as the pioneer of ‘paddock to plate’. Matt has received the Chef’s Hat in the Good Food Guide and is also a best-selling author of multiple cookbooks.

Discover the journey of this true blue Aussie in this episode of Unstoppable and find out the massive leadership lessons he’s gained from his years of hard work and heart work in his multiple award-winning sustainability focused restaurants.

In this episode, you will learn:
    • 00:00 – Introduction to Matt Moran
    • 04:19 – Growing up on a farm and dealing with ADHD as a child
    • 16:11 – The start of Matt’s entrepreneur journey
    • 22:23 – How to lead a team in a high-pressure environment & building Aria
    • 30:02 – Opening Opera Bar, going back to farming and the journey to becoming a restaurateur
    • 34:30 – How COVID-19 has impacted the hospitality industry & finding the opportunities in the pandemic
    • 45:18 – The importance of sustainability in the food industry