The ability to manage the balance of working in your business and working on your business comes down to the level of clarity you have on your purpose.

If you’re too caught up and attached to the day to day activity, and actions, and tasks that are required to run the business, then you’re probably not looking at the bigger picture.

Why are you here? What is the reason you do what you do?

It’s so important to work from a purpose driven space. Because purpose is less about tasks and more about your mission and the main objectives that you’re working towards.

When people finally get an opportunity to step back from their business, they often feel empty and like they’ve lost part of who they are because they’re no longer consumed in the grit of their day to day tasks.

That’s an indicator of not being on purpose. Because if you know what your purpose is, you don’t lose who you are. You only lose who you are if you spend a lot of time being someone that you’re not.

In order to live out our purpose and fulfil our mission on a business level, we have to be willing to spend equal parts working on the business as well as in it.

Because when you can take yourself off the tools a bit more, you’re then able to focus on some of the bigger priorities like recruitment and team management – all things that are critical to the mission.

Ultimately it’s a balance and you need to learn how to do it.

I ask this question all the time, ‘How many people get into business because they wanted more freedom?’

Everybody says ‘Yes!’

But the punch line is, how many people actually have more freedom now that they’re in business? Very few.

The only way you achieve freedom in business is by letting go in order to work on the business.

Letting go of the need that you have to do everything because no one can do it better than you.

Letting go of the need that everything has to be done your way.

Kerwin Rae