One of the fastest ways for you to demonstrate authority is by demonstrating your willingness to walk away from any social encounter.

If there’s one skill that I’ve learnt that has made me incredibly persuasive as a salesperson, it’s my ability to walk away.

When I can see someone’s either playing around or not interested, I just walk away.

Because here’s the thing, what do you think is one of the greatest human fears at a social level?


So, I actually turn the rejection wheel around. And it’s not that I’m going, ‘I’m rejecting you,’ – that’s just the perception.

And I’m not even trying to create that perception, but if someone’s playing hardball with me, I’m just not interested, I’m not. To me, I don’t like trying to crush, and close, and smash people into a sale. I’m just not interested.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. I’d rather work with someone that wants to work with me, but if they’re genuinely not interested, I will just walk away.

But what I find when people are genuinely not interested and I walk away, probably seven or eight times out of ten, all of a sudden they become very interested.

It’s amazing how powerful that can become.

Have you ever been in a situation before where you’ve sold to somebody, you’ve spent an hour and a half selling to someone, but you knew in the first 10 minutes that they weren’t going to buy?

How many months of other people’s lives have you wasted trying to sell something to someone that didn’t need what you fucking had?

You know, it’s a two-way street.

This is important for you to really get. Ever since I became a father I now value my time so much more than I’ve ever valued my time before. And the more you value your time, the better salesman or woman you will become.

I am literally at any moment, three seconds away from standing up and walking out and not because I’m rude or arrogant, because I’m just not attached.

You think about the people that are most attractive in this world, they are the people that are the ones that are hardest to get to.

Put a higher premium on your time and where you’re willing to invest it and ask yourself this question…If you had 45 minutes to live, would you be willing to invest all those minutes with this person right now?

Start putting a real priority and a value on it.

Kerwin Rae