Rosie Acosta

Why your past doesn’t define who you are today 

The ONLY thing that’s holding you back right now is your mindset. Rosie Acosta, international yoga and meditation teacher, and founder of Radically Loved: Yoga, Health + Wellness, was able to break out of her “you’ll never succeed” story she had been programmed with through the help of Yoga Philosophy and Practice that propelled her into her fullest potential. Find out more about how she went from charged with attempted GTA and suffering from panic attacks and depression, to now travelling and teaching around the world, passionate and happy pursuing her purpose in this week’s newest Unstoppable ep.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 2:39 – How yoga transformed Rosie’s panic attacks, depression and obesity
  • 13:01 – Yoga philosophy and the impact it could have on you
  • 24:28 – Are you happy doing what you’re doing?
  • 37:24 – Burning out and self-care
  • 47:02 – The best advice you’ll ever receive