28TH-Why you need to embrace death

We need to embrace death as a reality to truly embrace life. Death will happen. So think about it twice a day – am I going to come home today and am I going to wake up tomorrow morning?

If I’m not – what would I do differently?

Most people don’t change their life until they’re told, “You’ve got six weeks to live.”

And then they go, “F*ck! I’m gonna die!”

So then they think, “I’m not doing anything I want to do, I want to change.”

For me, I think about death twice a day – every day, when I wake up and when I go to sleep. As a result I experience more. I let my son stay up a lot, run late for school, a lot, and I will sometimes eat a little bit extra banoffee pie because life is meant to be lived.

When you use death as a reflection you can see the importance of living now, and to not wait until time is running out – live now. I’m telling you – live now!

Live now because at some point the time will be running out and you may not have the faculty to live then.

If we’re conscious that death is coming it encourages us to live. The reflection of life is death, it’s in every ecosystem it’s in everything. When we look at the two we experience balance.

When you think you’re gonna live forever you become incredibly out of balance, and if you constantly think of death you live in an incredibly insecure world. If you can live with both – you’ve got balance. Life is duality and that’s never going to change, so take it on board.

28TH-Why you need to embrace death1

Most people are tip toeing their way through life to get to death safely and that robs people of so much of the richness in life.

Whenever I’ve had NDE’s my first thought is living as much as I can in the moments that I’ve got. From the exposure I’ve had with death it has made me the most incredible father.

Some people may think I’m exaggerating when I say this, but every morning when I play with my son I acknowledge the possibility that one of us may not come home. As a result, man, I’m there. I am there. Present.

Often in the morning, he’ll be lying on my lap and he’ll say to me – and we’re running late which we do most mornings for this exact reason, “But daddy can we just cuddle a little bit more, can you give me some more kisses, can we just play for a little bit longer.”

And sometimes my first response is, “No buddy, we’re running late we’ve gotta go.”

Then I say to myself in my head, “Dude, you may not come home today, he may not come home today.”

It is very real for me and I keep this dialogue top-of-mind.

So touch wood I’ll never be in the situation if I experience the loss of anyone, where I’m thinking, “Well I could’ve spent more time with them and I said no because I was running late.”

F*ck that!

I’ll be late every day if it means I spend more time with my son.

I just don’t take people for granted because I understand that I may not see them tomorrow. That’s the reality of life. It’s precious.

Start living in the NOW.

Be present and live – now!


Kerwin Rae