Avril Henry

Why you need to become a GREAT leader to become Unstoppable | Avril Henry

Most of us shy away from leadership because we fear discomfort and responsibility. But doing so robs us of the key to our success and personal growth.

So what exactly makes GREAT leader?

In this week’s Unstoppable, I’m joined by Leadership Futurist – Avril Henry who coaches us on how to really elevate your self-leadership to take to the next level on your personal development pathway.

Avril is the Founder of AHAA! management consultancy firm, author of multiple best-selling books and has received many awards including AFR Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence!
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In this episode, you will learn:

  • 05:48 -Experiencing the Apartheid in South Africa and moving to Australia at 22
  • 13:08 – How we should see failure
  • 16:45 – Introducing maternity and paternity leave in Australia
  • 24:07 – How to find your passion, stand up for yourself and how to see big changes as opportunities to reinvent yourself
  • 29:26 – What are the biggest mistakes that people make in difficult situations?
  • 35:38 – How to be authentic and what self-love really is
  • 40:43 – Kerwin’s experience of finding authenticity
  • 43:33 – How to coach someone properly – Avril coaching Kerwin
  • 53:07 – How to not blame yourself and change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset