I think social media is a hyper accelerated amplification of false identity where people see things in limited context. It breeds insecurity.

People see someone behaving in a video or online in a particular way for two minutes and they assume they behave that way in every aspect of their lives. Then they use it as an unattainable standard of what they could or should behave like, look like, talk like and be like, which is so different to who they actually are.

So then body image issues, wealth image issues, or communication issues may surface.

I have no doubt that some people may view my content and think, “Oh my god I could never be like that”.

Or on the other side, “Oh, my god I could be like that if I just do these three things in the next three months”.

No man. It doesn’t work like that.

Social media perpetuates a false identity for what people think they should be like, whereas in most cases what we should be promoting is individuality.

The reality is though, the problem isn’t social media. The problem is you.

If you want to relinquish the fear of what you’re feeling from social media stop judging every other mother f***er having a go, and stop putting your two cents in.

Everytime you see someone putting themselves out there and having a go, and you’re judging them, you’re not actually judging them, you’re judging yourself.

Your judgement is a reflection of your own perspective and identity that’ll prevent you from going forward because you associate how you see others with how others see you.

That self sabotage behaviour that we’re all familiar with is herd behaviour, its primal. It’s instinctive, it’s what we do to protect ourselves although often times it’s a reflection of how we see the world.

In our everyday face to face interactions with people we recognise and see their efforts and struggles, and are generally empathetic and supportive. We need to be the same way with people on social media – empathetic and supportive.

If you’re scared of being judged on social media or in your day to day… stop judging others.


Kerwin Rae