Lorena Gaxiola

What happens when you actually follow your purpose in life?

I always like to say that when you find the reason for your existence, you’ll be able to access unheard levels of energy, motivation and happiness.

Lorena Gaxiola’s journey is exactly that – she knew her purpose in life and actually followed it no matter who stood against her. Find out how she now is able to manage over $1 billion in real estate value while still being a conscious and present mother. And listen to us talk all about spirituality, clairvoyance, feng shui and more!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 2:53 – Born to be an architect
  • 8:37 – The foundation of her motivation
  • 11:37 – The transitional lessons from technician to entrepreneur
  • 19:00 – What in the world is “feng shui”?!
  • 27:53 – The shift every parent has

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