What is fear?

False evidence appearing real? Or, fuck everything and everything run?

Fear has been a very strong theme throughout my entire life. I honestly believe I was given a gift of a very strong, innate, crippling debilitating fear as a child and I’m grateful for that gift, because that gift has sent me on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

If we want to conquer fear what do we need to do?

We need to be aware.

What are we afraid of? You can’t heal an addiction unless you know you have one. You can’t heal an illness unless you know what you have, and you can’t deal with fear unless you actually know what you’re afraid of.

What is fear?

It’s a chemical response that you take sometimes a little too seriously.

What is fear?

Fear is practical, fear is also impractical, because who would agree fear on the odd occasion saves you from a lot of pain and potential damage?

Okay but who would also agree on the flipside that fear has potentially prevented you from living a much fuller life?

I think that’s where the rub is, I think often times you know we get too ingrained in the things that we’re afraid of until the point where we actually fear to live life itself, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve learnt to live at a level where I still have fear but I just know how to deal with it a lot better.

The gift of fear is the preparation that it forces you to create and take in, order to overcome what’s in front of you.

Fear is very practical.

Kerwin Rae