Why We Should Say NO More

With Roy Cook

Coming up to the middle of the year, motivation can be difficult to acquire. However, after watching this podcast with Roy Cook, Author of ‘A Fool’s Errand: Why Your Goals Are Falling Short and What You Can Do about It’, I can guarantee that you will finish the episode with a newfound sense of incentive and direction. 

Roy became an entrepreneur at the age of 52, running his own national marketing company that dealt with the top 50 Blue Chip companies. Just 11 years after he began his journey, he developed a range of principles which led to his retirement soon after starting his own business. 

In this podcast, Roy delves into these principles, and how you can reach complete fulfillment from living these values every day. He further explains how to identify your core values by assessing your behaviour, and how you should use your core values to eliminate toxicity out of your life

In this episode, you will learn:


  • 00:00 What does Roy do?
  • 07:00 How to discover if a job isn’t right for you
  • 09:00 How Roy discovered his true core values
  • 12:00 How to define ‘values’
  • 18:00 Value disconnection
  • 21:00 How Roy helps others identify their values
  • 25:00 Do values shift over time, or is it just our interpretation changing?
  • 30:00 How Roy tests his values
  • 37:00 What to do if you feel trapped in a position outside your values
  • 45:00 How to set goals based on your values

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