What War Teaches Us About Our Potential

With Harry Moffitt

Anthony ‘Harry’ Moffitt, after almost 30 years, recently retired from the Australian Defence Force in the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment as a Team Commander and Team Specialist. In his service, Harry completed 11 active service deployments, including being wounded in action in 2008. Harry completed his time with the SAS as its Human Performance Manager. 

Harry is now a registered psychologist and runs a human performance consultancy working with sports teams, the military, and industry. Harry uses his military training, experience, and lessons of grit, resilience, and loss, to teach others the powerful lessons he has learned in his lifetime. 

Harry’s new book Eleven Bats is an authentic insight into the truths of war; its lifelong lessons and its transformational qualities. Harry shares his stories as a SAS Operator and Team Commander and how cricket had a profound impact on his life; both on and off the pitch and battlefield. 

A true measure of strength; Harry Moffitt is one powerful man.

In this episode, you will learn:


  • 02:00 Harry’s current work
  • 04:00 How time in the SAS led Harry to become a psychologist
  • 07:00 The secrets of performance psychology
  • 11:00 What is grit resilience?
  • 17:00 How you should assess grit
  • 20:00 The dream recruitment process
  • 26:00 Developing a high-performance culture
  • 30:00 Harry’s ideal model
  • 34:00 The biggest lessons Harry has learned 
  • 39:00 Can leaders be friends?
  • 42:00 Harry’s book: 11 Bats
  • 48:00 The truth about special operations individuals 
  • 50:00 The biggest lessons from Harry’s experience


Harry Moffitt

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