Leadership to me at a foundational level is the ability to communicate but it’s the ability to communicate in a way whereby the consequence of that communication is people want to follow.

So, let’s look at what we should be communicating:

Clear Purpose

The first thing that a business owner needs to really get clear on and communicate is the purpose of the business. Why do you exist?

Don’t tell me something that sounds good, tell me the reason why you do what you do, get clear on it, connect with it.

Defined Mission

The second thing that a great leader has to be able to do is define the mission. Which is what you’re trying to do in the next 10 years. What does that look like? Paint me a picture.

The mission includes things like how many clients you want to be working with in 10 years time? What regions do you want to be in? What do you want your reach to be?

Clear Values

From there, you need to become very clear of the values. These are the things that are born as a result of the behaviours of people in the business at the early stage that they’ve identified when they display these behaviours everything seems to be better.

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Now, when you combine these three things together, what do you have? You have a vision of the world that is different from how it is currently right now.

To me, a great leader is someone who is very clear on their vision and they’re able to communicate it in a way that is inspiring and empowering to those within their team that creates an upbeat level of performance.

Kerwin Rae