Trust in leadership

Your success in business relies on how well your team, customers and even key stakeholders can trust you…

Because here’s the thing, without trust, you just have a bunch of people occupying the same space and only considering their own needs without truly connecting. And you can’t hide that shit. That’s something that flows on out into your community, to your online audience and to your customers.

So how do create strong bonds and resilient relationships that are built on the basis of trust?

One word – leadership.

The importance of trust in leadership

Now first, for anyone new to the class I want to clarify my take on leadership. To me, leadership isn’t about telling people what to do. To me, the most important part of leadership is building relationships that offer people a vision, a direction or a purpose that they can buy into.

We’ve all had people in our lives at some stage or another who inspire us. People who we can look up to because they have a tremendous work ethic, or they take good care of themselves, they’re open, always willing to give advice, ya know…someone you just instinctively trust…

That’s f*king leadership.

We don’t follow anyone unless we trust them. Because the reality is when we trust someone, we feel safe and making people feel safe is at the core of good leadership.

So how do we develop strong and humble leadership that inspires trust?

How to build trust

It comes back down to the safety thing.
You create a space where your team know they matter.

You’ve gotta create a set of company values that reinforce your environment as a positive, happy, healthy and well-functioning work place.

And you keep your work culture clean.

And above all else, you create a space where no matter what’s going on, no matter how hard the workload is, no matter how looming the deadlines are, no matter what’s on the agenda – people can come to you and talk to you when they need to.

The highest form of trust is when someone can come to you and share anything with you.

Trust is an incredibly important factor, and the way that we build trust and the way that we build relationships is by creating safe spaces. Which is done by producing an environment of vulnerability where people feel like they can open up and connect with you.

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How this will change your workplace

We don’t want to be waiting until things go wrong before we engage with people or with departments to try and fix the problem.

The highest levels of leadership are intuitive, and that means being able to see and feel things before they happen, meaning you have the ability to nip things in the bud before they become too big.

And I can tell you right now, as a leader you’ll be putting out so many fires that you’re basically a f**king firefighter. Leaders are often going from one problem to the next, so you need to be able to solve problems really quickly. But the most evolved form of problem solving, is to be able to prevent problems from forming in the first place – basically noticing smoke and putting it out before there’s a fire.

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A great way to do this is by intuitively engaging with people around you to build, establish and maintain that trust.

But remember, in order for people to trust you in the first place, you’re going to have to trust them back.

Anyone can tell anyone what to do. Anyone can be dominant and threatening. But it takes a true leader to create high levels of compliance in an environment where there is grace, ease, flow and a high quality of great connections and relationships.

Ultimately that’s the trust you want to create. That’s the trust that will flow out of your organisation into the community, online and most importantly into the hearts of customers.

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Kerwin Rae