The launch formula that works every time

First up, I recommend you read a book called ‘Launch’ by Jeff Walker. Jeff is responsible for about $750M worth of launch product in the last 10 to 12 years – so yeah, it’s good.

Jeff also releases a series once a year called ‘Product Launch Formula’, it’s a whole training series about his launch strategy.

The basis of his approach is understanding that there’s:

  • Pre-pre launch
  • Pre-launch
  • Launch, and
  • Post launch.

Great examples of companies using the launch formula really well, are Apple, Nintendo game boy, Tickle-me Elmo, Cabbage Patch dolls and Nike. So it’s tried and tested.

Pre-pre launch is when you start dropping seeds that something is coming.

A pre-pre launch for Apple happens when there’s a ‘leak’, they’ll sometimes drop a phone in the street or a blueprint somewhere and Apple will say adamantly, “We are not commenting about this”.

Nine out of ten times that sh*t is not an accident.

My pre-pre launch for the podcast was me all over the place saying, “Hashtag secret project”.

From that I get heaps of messages asking about the secret project, and this creates buzz.

Pre-launch is when you announce what’s coming.

So Apple will have Tim Cook up on stage with all the effects showing all the features of the new say, iphone75. You can’t buy it though because it’s not in the shops yet. So they’re creating the demand for the new product prior to it’s release.

Launch is the announcement of the date it’s available, for example, “It’s available from the the 25th August at your local stockists”.

This creates that demand where kids, adults and grandparents pitch tents outside stores for a couple of days until the doors open on that date when they can finally buy the product.

Post launch is when they start posting all the user stories and the PR from the user experiences.

I highly recommend this launch model, use your online community or your Facebook profile to go through this launch sequence.

You can use this strategy with anything new and maybe check out Jeff Walker YouTube.

Kerwin Rae