Kerwin presents another Peak Performance Productivity Tip just for you.

Now in today’s tip I am going to be calling on some of the knowledge that I gained from an amazing book I read about 5 years ago called The Power of Helpful Engagement and in that book it talked about a couple of models and one of the models it talked about was the business athlete and the Olympic athlete or the corporate athlete and the Olympic athlete and then compared the two.

And what’s really interesting about this concept is looking at how we spend our time and how we manage our energy.

Now when it comes to productivity most people think it’s time management and that is very true in many cases but in today’s tip I want to get you more focused on energy management because you could have 12 hours in every day but if you become exhausted in the first 2 hours or even of the first hour of your business day the rest of the day is going to be a complete wipe out no matter how you try to manage it.

So with this concept we are really going to be looking and focusing what’s called energy management and energy management is something we really need to look at from a conservation perspective and a direction perspective.

Where are we putting the energy and are we getting a return on our investment. So first of all let me explain to you what the Olympic athlete model looks like. Now the Olympic athlete model looks very simple.

They spend 5% of their time competing at the highest level. They spend 40% of their time training and pushing themselves, and eating and dieting and doing all the right things that they should be doing, and they spend 55% of their time actually resting and recuperating and making sure that they are letting their muscles and their bodies recuperate and regenerate so they can actually perform at the highest level in their training but most importantly so they can perform at the highest level when they are competing.

Now when you compare that to the business athlete for example.

In business we spend at least 70% of our time competing and working at the highest level constantly pushing ourselves, really trying to follow through and if we are lucky, spend 5% of our time actually sharpening the sword and training ourselves on how to do things better and then we leave as little as 25% of the time left over for actual rest and recuperation.

Is it any wonder that so many entrepreneurs burn out so quickly because there is no energy conservation there, it’s almost like opening the fire hydrant and letting all the water run out and hoping there is going to be a little left at the end of the day.

So with today’s concept I am going to be teaching what’s called the 90/10 principle.

Now it might sound a little bit like the pareto principle of 80/20. The 90/10 is really simple and it’s really important that you at least try it for a couple of weeks to see how it works for you. We want to segment our day into 90 minutes blocks. Now this is 90 minutes where we actually get in there and we do whatever work is required of us.

Whatever we schedule in our diary that time we work solidly for 90 minutes, focusing on one thing and one thing only. Not trying to multitask. And this is one of the keys here to make sure we complete and we get productive at the highest level. Then when the 10 minutes comes in. We spend 10 minutes actually resting and recuperating.

What I should point out here is 90 minutes full on focused on one thing. 10 minutes you stand up you walk away from your desk completely. You go to the toilet, you make a cup tea, maybe go for a walk around the block. But, you’ve got to spend 10 minutes completely disengaging your mind from whatever the activity is that you are actually focusing.

Because it’s going to do 2 things. Firstly, it’s going to give you a rush of oxygen and energy back into the body, but secondly it’s going to allow your subconscious mind to start working on the problems and the creative processes that you’ve been trying to use with what it is you are trying to do.

If you follow this process for only 3 days here is what you are going to notice.

You are going to notice an increase in productivity, and increase in creativity, stamina and focus. And these 4 things are the most important things that we need when it comes to getting more done and being more productive and producing quality work and quality products and quality services.

My name is Kerwin Rae and this has been your Peak Performance Productivity Tip of the day hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll speak to you real soon. Take care.

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Kerwin Rae