When it comes to growing a business quickly, one of the most important things that every owner needs is leverage.

Leverage is the ability to delegate and designate critical items that need to be done by people who are more skilled in those areas than you.

Talent vs Staff

When it comes to leverage, we need to know the difference between staff and talent. Staff are those people that show up at 8: 58 in the morning and they’re packing up at 4:56 in the afternoon.

They typically take an hour and twenty minutes for lunch and they insist on taking their morning and afternoon tea breaks because, “it’s the law”. 

Talent on the other hand, they’re the people that show up early. They’re the people that stay back late. And they’re the people who in many cases will actually work through lunch not because they have to but because they genuinely love to. And in many cases, they’re just amazed that someone will pay them to do the very thing that they love.

When it comes to growing a business quickly, you need good talent, not staff. Learn to tell the difference and you’ll grow a lot faster. Choose talent every time.

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Kerwin Rae