There’s something I’ve been pondering today that I think would be worthwhile and valuable to everyone – it’s the social revolution. 

This is about personal standards and my belief that authenticity is the next innovation in business.

Let’s have a look at the history of business for a moment. You know, we had the industrial revolution, which then led into the internet revolution, and I honestly believe that now, we’re heading into the social revolution.

And the social revolution is really about understanding the role of social media and how it is dramatically impacting the landscape of business all over the world in a big way.

Now that I’m diving into it, I’m really starting to see the importance of what I’m going to refer to as the authenticity brand. You know, the authentic business is the one that is willing to put themselves out there, warts and all in the social context, across a range of social channels.

What that does is not only demonstrates authenticity, but also a level of realness so that people can actually see there is good and there is bad, and that it’s not an all perfect world, there’s a balance.

And I think what that balance demonstrates is that we’re all human. I think it’s really bringing the humanity back into marketing. Social is bringing the humanity back into marketing and this is what I’m discovering.

The social revolution is here and changing the way we do business.

The social revolution is here and changing the way we do business.

This is what people want. People want to see the person behind the brand. The person behind the business. They want to see things going right and they also want to see things going wrong because that’s what makes them feel human.

There is an enormous amount of value in tragedy and failure and when you can share that with your market it humanises you to them. It is endearing and it creates a high level of trust that most businesses don’t have.

Just be human and don’t make your social something that you’re not. Make it real. Make it about both sides of the equation. Show the real you.

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