This week in media news, Mark Zuckerberg believes stories is the way forward, and music app TikTok gains 30 million downloads in 3 months

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Study shows that video is most memorable form of content for consumers

  • A study by Brightcove has revealed that video content leaves the strongest impression for 21% of consumers
  • After watching a video ad, 67% of consumers say they’ve purchased a product from the brand, 20% visited their website, and 20% did more research

Source: Business Wire

Zuckerberg believes that Instagram Stories are the future for the platform

  • Following the third quarter earnings investors call, it looks like the Facebook CEO sees stories as the future of online advertising
  • Advertisers and media buyers are voting with their dollars, with ad spend on IG stories steadily increasing

Source: Digiday

App TikTok gains 30 million users in just three months

  • Apptopia reports that TikTok has overtaken Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in US downloads from Google Play and the Apple Store
  • However, TikTok’s engagement rate is considerably less sitting at 29% compared to Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram all sitting within the 90% range

Source: Apptopia Blog

If you own an ecommerce site, engage your audience fast or not at all

  • Mobify released a commerce insight report that showed just under half of shoppers will jump off a slow loading landing page
  • Half of mobile shoppers will spend less than 3 minutes on a site, with the average shopper staying for 5 minutes

Source: Mobify Resources