This week Pinterest gets serious with video, Whatsapp allows businesses to connect direct with customers. Facebook shows its appreciation for local businesses and also announces ‘playable’ ads, should be interesting.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Pinterest announces max width video ads

  • After months of testing, Pinterest has officially announced promotional video ads are now at max width
  • There is two formats to choose from, a vertical format and a horizontal format
  • The new max width video ads goes against Pinterest’s iconic two column layout
  • Pinterest has claimed ‘they’ve seen increased engagement rates for this format as Pinners take notice of this high-impact video’

Source: Pinterest

Facebook is redesigning business pages to highlight local businesses

  • Facebook has announced they’re rolling out a number of new updates to pages to help small businesses connect with their following better
  • Recommendations is going to be a more prominent feature on the business pages
  • Businesses will now be able to add actionable features to their mobile pages, such as;
    • Booking appointments and making reservations
    • Posting notices of upcoming events
    • Their job application tool has now be rolled out world wide

Source: Pinterest

You can now archive Facebook stories

  • Social media knowledge has reported that Facebook has officially launched stories archive
  • Just like Instagram, you can now recycle and reuse Facebook stories that have been archived

Source: SMK

Facebook announces playable ads

  • Facebook has announced playable game style ads will be available to all advertisers using the app install objective for ads in Facebook News Feed
  • The new feature will help increase installs that will more likely result in usage, as the people downloading the games have already played them, liked it, and therefore have a higher chance of continuing engaging with the game

Source: Facebook

Whatsapp launches automatic messaging with customers

  • Mobile Marketer has announced Whatsapp has launched business API which allows the app to send automatic messages to customers for non-promotional updates, such as shipping information or event information

Source: Mobile Marketer



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