This week in media news, we say goodbye to Google+, LinkedIn continues to surprise, and Facebook reveals what Instagram audiences really want.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


It’s official, Google+ has an end date

  • It looks like the end is near for Google+, with Google announcing that the official close date is April 2nd, 2019
  • The closure will remove your Google+ account, any pages recreated, content created on consumer Google+ accounts, and photos and videos stored in your album archive and Google+ pages
  • For more details check out the link below

Source: Social Media Today

LinkedIn’s usage is up 30%

  • Social Media Knowledge reports that 17 years after launching, LinkedIn is finally starting to see a steady increase in users
  • Usage on the platform has increased 30% per year, for the past two years
  • There are now 610 million registered users and Marketers seem to be increasingly gravitating towards the platform

Source: SMK

Facebook has published a report into what people look for on Instagram

  • Key findings:
    • 66% surveyed say Instagram is a place they go to interact with brands
    • Others also use it to interact with celebrities, family and friends, influencers, and to keep up to date with trends
    • More people would rather see ads on their feed than in their stories
  • Check out the source for more insights

Source: Facebook Business News

Report released finds digital restaurant ordering will triple by 2020

  • NPD released a report that the majority of restaurant takeaway orders are made up of digital orders, which are expecting to triple by 2020
  • If I owned a restaurant, I’d be jumping on this bandwagon sooner rather than later…

Source: NPD

You can now edit images when you upload them to Twitter via desktop

  • Just by clicking the paintbrush tool on the bottom right of the image, you can now re-size, crop, and zoom the image via the desktop
  • This feature was already available to mobile uploaders

Source: Social Media Today

Instagram may soon be releasing a ‘quiz’ sticker

  • It looks like the platform is about to launch a ‘quiz’ sticker for stories, similar to the poll and question stickers
  • This is a great way to garner more engagement and discover more insights about your audience

Source: Social Media Today

Facebook is building a feature that allows businesses to respond to messages from both FB & IG

  • Axios reports that Facebook is developing a new feature that will allow users to receive both Facebook and Instagram direct messages in one place
  • According to Axios, “The feature will add Instagram Direct messaging to a page owner’s messaging inbox within the Facebook Pages Manager app on web and mobile. The tool currently only lets businesses control messages coming from Facebook Messenger.”

Source: Axios



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