Weekly Wrap 6th September 2019

This week in media news, Facebook is experimenting with hiding likes, Messenger adds more business tools, and Spotify now allows users to share music to Facebook stories.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Facebook experiments with hiding likes

  • Some users have spotted Facebook hiding the number of likes from posts, just months after Instagram did the same.
  • Facebook confirmed to Tech Crunch that they will be trialing hiding the number of likes, and are considering removing the likes count all together.
  • Affected users will just see the name of someone who liked the post, not the number of likes or reactions the post has.

Source: Tech Crunch.

Facebook adds more business tools to Messenger

  • New tools include lead generation templates in Messenger, appointment booking features, and improved conversion reporting.
  • These features will be made available later in the year.

Source: Facebook.

Spotify music and podcast sharing now available on Facebook stories

Source: The Verge.



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