This week in media news, LinkedIn and YouTube jump on the latest platform trend,  Facebook’s new feature encourages increased engagement, and Instagram is playing around with new profile formats.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Facebook makes Watch Party available to everyone

  • The feature allows a group of people to watch a pre-recorded video at the same time, similar to TV broadcasting
  • Facebook reports that watch parties show increased engagement, resulting in eight times as many comments than non-live videos
  • Facebook has been testing this option for a while now, and this week all pages and people will have access to this feature
  • Creators and publishers have been using the feature to build engagement and hype with great results

Source: Facebook Media

LinkedIn launches a new platform: LinkedIn Events

  • Exhibition World reports that LinkedIn have launched a new platform called LinkedIn Events
  • The new feature allows users to create professional events, have conversations on the event pages and invite their connections
  • The new feature seems to be a great move for LinkedIn to encourage networking in person

Source: Exhibition World

YouTube has created their own version of ‘stories’ called Reels

  • Tubefilter reports that YouTube has created their own version of the popular ‘stories’ feature
  • Creators are able to create multiple reels and the reel will last up to 7 days
  • Users are able to comment on the reels
  • The new feature also allows creators to add a poll for subscribers to vote

Source: Tube Filter

LinkedIn is also testing their own version of ‘stories’

  • LinkedIn has announced they are testing their own version of stories, set to be called ‘Student Voices’
  • According to Tech Crunch, this feature is a bid to appeal to younger audiences
  • The new feature encourages young professionals and students to update their following on career progression

Source: Tech Crunch

YouTube is letting users watch ads in bulk for uninterrupted viewing

  • Called ‘ad pods’, viewers can now chose to watch all the ads at once, or have them spread out during the video
  • The option came as YouTube has discovered fewer ad interruptions is correlated with less abandons and higher ad view rates

Source: Google Blog

Snapchat brings its spectacles back to life, now with AR capabilities

  • Snapchat is reportedly developing a new generation of their spectacles
  • For $350, they will come with two built in cameras, complete with an augmented reality function for videos and 3D like photo

Source: Cheddar

Instagram is live testing profile changes

  • Such changes may include icon and button layout changes in the hopes that profiles will become cleaner and easier to use
  • They are also including call, email, directions, and start order as call to actions
  • Font size for follower and following counts has also decreased

Source: Instagram Press