Instagram is rolling out some fun and functional features the most exciting is that they are testing a native reshare feature, finally allowing users to share other people’s posts without using a 3rd party app.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Twitter is testing a new way to target paid tweets via websites with embedded timelines

  • Twitter is testing a way to enable businesses to target their ads by website instead of data from a Twitter profile
  • Websites which feature embedded Twitter timelines could now see paid Tweets appear in timelines based on the audience’s web browsing habits

Source: Social Media Today

Pinterest gives all businesses the ability to use their e-commerce feature

  • Business accounts can now attach product cards to images via a white dot
    When the product card is opened, additional prompts can be selected to make a purchase
  • Pinterest has been growing in active users at a faster rate than Snapchat and Twitter

Source: Social Media Today

Instagram is finally testing an option to natively reshare

  • The Verge announced that Instagram has finally begun testing a way to reshare other user’s posts to their own feed without the use of a third party app

Source: The Verge

Instagram adds a range of new features

  • You can now send GIFs in DMs, tag people in video posts, and make stories available to view only in certain locations
  • Instagram has also added a quiz sticker feature for stories

Source: Social Media Today

LinkedIn announces new feature that highlights your commute time before applying for a role

  • LinkedIn is rolling out a feature that will help job applicants understand their commute time before applying for a job
  • The feature will be able to provide you with an estimate commute time for walking, driving and taking public transport

Source: LinkedIn

Facebook Pages can now join Facebook Groups

  • Mashable has announced that pages on Facebook now have the option to join Facebook groups
  • Facebook seems to be pushing for community engagement, taking groups and pages a lot more serious with recent features

Source: Mashable



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