Social Media Wrap 28 February 2020

Twitter wants to improve businesses copywriting skills, Snapchat adds new Swipe Up features to ads, and a new infographic gives the rundown on how to make your restaurant go viral.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Twitter’s guide to effective Tweet copy

  • The initiative is designed to help businesses improve their Twitter presence and copywriting skills.
  • In a short video published to Twitter, a copywriter offers simple, practical tips to create engaging and effective copy.

Source: Twitter.

Snapchat adds “Swipe up to Call/Text” feature

  • Snapchatters can swipe up to place a call or text to a business, speeding up the customer journey.
  • The feature is available for businesses in Ads Manager.

Source: Snapchat.

The restaurants guide to going viral on Instagram

  • A new infographic shows how Instagram has changed the hospitality industry, and how customers use Instagram to make purchasing decisions.
  • The infographic includes the most Instagrammed food, and the anatomy of an Insta-famous restaurant.

Source: Social Media Today.