This week in media news: the best new thing in content marketing, platforms ramp up their holiday shopping strategies, and why you may see a drop in your Instagram followers.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Facebook launches algorithm changes to limit controversial content creation

  • Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will now decrease reach for content in proportion to how much it is deemed to be controversial
  • The Facebook CEO said, “For example, photos close to the line of nudity, like with revealing clothing or sexually suggestive positions, got more engagement on average before we changed the distribution curve to discourage this. The same goes for posts that don’t come within our definition of hate speech but are still offensive.

Source: Social Media Today

Instagram rolls out more platform shopping options ahead of the holiday season

  • Instagram announces shopping collection that allows users to see saved products they’re interested in
  • Business profiles will get a ‘shop’ tab so users can browse all of your products
  • List available products in videos with a swipe up

Source: Social Media Today

Brands are seeing positive results with ads in Instagram stories

  • For some brands, Instagram story ads are one of their best performing ad placements when it comes to increased app downloads, traffic, and conversions
  • The ads are also relatively cheap when compared to feed placements
  • As reported on Digiday, Busuu’s Paid Social Manager, Jon Beazley also highlights that “From our experience, Stories don’t need to be over-reliant on view-through conversions

Source: Digiday

Are podcasts the best new thing in content marketing?

  • Digiday reports that the Financial Times is seeing more leads and conversions as a result of increased marketing of its podcast
  • After seeing a highly engaged audience who listen to 70-80% of their podcasts, they saw a prime opportunity to convert this audience in paid subscribers
  • Do you want to jump on the podcast bandwagon? I’ve got a free podcast starter kit right here

Source: Digiday

Twitter incentivises good content by downplaying follower count on iOS apps

  • Twitter has announced that they are downsizing the follower count font size in an effort to combat competition over follower counts
  • Twitter’s CEO has stated that an emphasis on follower counts “incentivizes individuals to post more polarizing content that has the potential to go viral and attract more followers, creating a more divisive and toxic discourse on the platform.

Source: Social Media Today

Why your Instagram following might drop this week

  • People who are using fake followers, likers and commenters will be hit hard as Instagram crackdown on fake accounts
  • The crackdown is thanks to a machine learning tool which identifies fake accounts and inauthentic activity

Source: Mobile Marketer

Google My Business insights will now give you more recent data

  • Google My Business will now provide business owners with data from up to yesterday
  • Data available on the console includes how their local listing is doing on Google Maps search, as well as these searches result in leads, calls and clicks to the website

Source: Search Engine Land

Facebook pages admins will have to apply to send subscription messages

  • Social Media Today has reported that if you want to continue having the option of sending regular content via messenger to users, you will have to apply and get approved
  • To apply: Page settings > Messenger Platform, click “Request” under Advanced Messaging Features
  • Your application will be reviewed by a human and not a robot

Source: Social Media Today

Google launches new visual options to help promote your business over the festive season

  • This week Google launched a set of ‘social post styles’ to help businesses create promotional content over the holiday season
  • The visual options are available via Small Thanks Marketing

Source: Google Blog

Alexa is being rolled out into more bluetooth devices

  • According to Amazon’s company blog post, The Alexa Mobile Accessory is being integrated into users’ bluetooth devices
  • This allows users to use the Alexa features on the go

Source: Mobile Marketer

Snapchat announced the launch of a Lens Creative Partner program

  • The Lens Creative Partner program helps advertisers find certified firms in the US, UK, Australia and Canada that can develop AR (augmented reality) lenses for the app
  • Snapchat claims they will be expanding the program to more regions over the next few weeks

Source: Snapchat For Business

Snapchat launches ‘Shop and Cop’ ahead of Black Friday

  • Adweek announced that consumers can now shop on the Snapchat app without having to leave
  • The new discover channel will highlight e-Commerce deals that are Snapchat-exclusive
  • Mobile Marketer announced Snapchat has enlisted brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, Tour life, Coco Breezy to help launch the new channel

Source: Ad Week

Facebook is testing a ‘watch videos together’ feature

  • Techcrunch reports Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature which will enable users to simultaneously view videos with another user in the app

Source: Techcrunch