Social Media Wrap 23rd August 2019

This week in media news, Facebook cracks down on chats within groups and introduces a Trusted News section, Twitter launches 6 second video ad bidding, and LinkedIn amps up its campaign to prevent fake profiles.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Twitter launches 6 second video ad bidding

  • Advertisers will now only be charged after someone has viewed their video for at least 6 seconds
  • The new 6 second pay model is available for videos that are 15 seconds or shorter
  • The move came after Twitter sponsored a study by Eye-See around optimum exposure for brand recall

Source: Twitter and Social Media Today.

Facebook removing chats feature from groups

  • From Thursday August 22nd, Facebook members of Facebook groups will no longer be able to create or contribute to existing chats
  • The move comes to prevent spam from being sent to group members
  • Facebook clarified this will not affect groups users have with friends, it applies only to chats created as part of a Facebook group

Source: Facebook.

LinkedIn increases efforts to remove fake profiles

  • Since January of 2019, LinkedIn has removed 21.6 million fake accounts
  • LinkedIn strives to prevent fake accounts from being created in the first place, with a thorough registration process and by allowing users to report fake accounts
  • Fake accounts on LinkedIn have been known to steal personal information and poach connections

Source: LinkedIn and Social Media Today

Facebook creates Trusted News section

  • Facebook has begun hiring journalists and editors to curate a “Trusted News” section that will replace its previous “Trending Topics” feature
  • In 2018, Facebook fired the editorial team behind “Trending Topics” after discussions took place around biased algorithms and fake news
  • The “Trusted News” section will instead use clips from established and reputable news sources to create a space for viewers to browse a selection of bulletins

Source: Facebook and Social Media Today.


Kerwin Rae