This week in media news find out how you can make payments via Facebook and discover how the social platform ranks comments.

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Time to start working on your Spotify advertising strategy

  • Spotify has announced advertisers will able to target Spotify free users based on their podcast streaming activity
  • According to its most recent report, Spotify free has 123 million monthly users

Source: The Drum

Sections from your Facebook business page may soon go missing

  • On August 1st, Facebook will be removing some sections from business pages, with the social media platform urging businesses to integrate these into their main description section
  • These are the sections that will be removed:
    • Mission, Company Overview, Biography, Affiliation, Personal Interests

Source: Social Media Today

Facebook reveals more details about Libra – its new cryptocurrency

  • Facebook’s new cryptocurrency will enable fee free funds transfers
  • The service will operate under the newly formed subsidiary Calibra
  • The wallet is expected to launch in 2020 and be available through Messenger, WhatsApp, or a Standalone app

Source: Facebook

This week Facebook revealed how it ranks public comments on posts

  • As well as following community guidelines, Facebook will also give preference to comments that are reacted or replied to a large number of times
  • According to Facebook, these ranking algorithms only apply to public posts from pages with ‘a lot of followers’

Source: Facebook