Special Media Wrap 20th September 2019

This week in media news, LinkedIn introduces skill assessment tools, Snapchat adds 3D lens, Google Search will link to key moments in YouTube videos, and Facebook works on augmented reality devices.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Facebook collaborates with Ray-Ban on AR glasses

  • The Augmented Reality glasses would allow users to make phone calls, speak to a virtual assistant, live stream their surroundings to social media, and see information on the lens in front of them.
  • Facebook is working on making the glasses smaller and more visually appealing to consumers. They are also experimenting with a ring device that tracks motion.

Source: CNBC and Mobile Marketer.

LinkedIn adds Skills Assessment tool

  • The Skills Assessment tool will test the skills users have added to their profile, and provide them with a badge verifying their understanding.
  • Users can control the visibility of their results, and have the option to take a relevant LinkedIn Learning course on the skill.
  • Users who pass the Skills Assessment will also be recommended jobs based on the skill.

Source: LinkedIn and Social Media Today.

Google Search will link to key moments in YouTube videos

  • Google announced a new feature that allows key moments in YouTube videos to show up in Google search.
  • They describe the tool as being particularly helpful for people who are searching for specific content, like how-to steps, or searching within long-form videos, like podcasts and speeches.
  • Content creators can link to specific timestamps in the description area of their YouTube video, which will then be used to create key moments in Google Search.

Source: Google and Social Media Today.

Snapchat adds 3D lens to iOS

  • Users with an iPhone X or newer can use 3D Camera Mode to take 3D photos and apply effects, lenses and filters.
  • Users who take and receive a 3D photo can tilt their phone around to see added dimension in the shot.
  • Snapchat confirmed that they will be bringing the option to other devices shortly.

Source: The Verge.

Kerwin Rae