It’s been a massive week for new feature roll-outs across most of the top platforms with even Amazon getting in on the action. Here are the top few that myself and the K-Team will be watching and working on implementation strategies.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Instagram’s Adding ‘Reaction Emojis’’ to Instagram Stories

  • Instagram is coming up with new ways to increase story engagement, giving us another way to measure viewer sentiment and interest in our content
  • Instagram is testing a new, Facebook Reactions style emoji response option for Instagram Stories
  • NOTE: There is no angry emoji – Is Instagram encouraging positive engagement, as opposed to FB?
SOURCE: Social Media Today

Snapchat’s New Update Enables Spectacle Owners to Share Their Content in More Formats

  • Now you can export photos & videos captured on Spectacles in Circle, Square, or Widescreen format
  • So. rather than it being wholly tied to Snapchat itself, users will be able to add Spectacles-originated content to other platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Given the apparent lack of a renewed wave of interest following the launch of Spectacles V2 in April, it makes sense for Snap to explore these alternate format options
  • INTERESTING: This article also claims Facebook will inevitably release its own spectacles
SOURCE: Social Media Today

Twitter’s Adding a New Option to ‘Dock’ Videos

SOURCE: Social Media Today

Twitter Will Start Showing Related Topics in Hashtag Listings

  • Twitter’s going to start showing connected topics on their ‘Trending Topics” listings
  • Could help users get a better handle on the entire breadth of related on-platform discussion
  • May also enable Twitter to remove repeated trends from their listings, giving them more room to highlight other relevant discussions
  • The one-tap option to get all the related tweets helps make it easier to stay on top of every angle
  • For us, this could help when looking to tap into trending topics
SOURCE: Social Media Today

Facebook Will Begin Testing a New Highlights Option for Facebook Stories Content

  • As speculated in our previous weekly wraps, Facebook has confirmed that it will soon be rolling out a new Stories Highlights feature for profiles
  • Provides additional presentation options for brands looking to maximize their Stories opportunities
  • This means: we can choose Stories to stay on our profile, making it easier to express our brand through memories
  • While we don’t have a screenshot of exactly where on Facebook profiles the new Facebook Stories Highlights will be placed, you can expect it to also appear front and center, adding another promotional element to keep in mind
  • The tool extends the value of Facebook Stories as it won’t just disappear in 24 hours
  • There’s no word yet as to any official full roll out
SOURCE: Techcrunch

Snapchat’s Reportedly Developing a New Visual Product Discovery Option (with links to Amazon)  

SOURCE: Social Media Today

Facebook’s Adding New AR Ads Which Will Enable Users to Virtually Try On Product

  • Facebook’s looking to take its augmented reality tools to the next stage with a new ad type that will enable users to virtually try on different products, like makeup and sunglasses, direct from their News Feeds
  • the new tools are essentially an extension of Facebook’s AR tools for Messenger
  • The new ads will appear in News Feeds with a ‘Tap to try it on’ option on the main image. Once tapped, users will be able to place a digital version of the product onto their image via the Facebook camera so they can see how they look
SOURCE: Social Media Today

Instagram Launches Question Stickers in Stories

  • Instagram Questions Stickers in Stories as explained by Instagram:
    “Add a question sticker to your story by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video. Type out your prompt then place it wherever you’d like and share it to your story. When friends see the sticker, they can tap it to reply – and they can reply as many times as they want, right from the sticker.”
  • The option adds to the growing list of Instagram Stories options, including Music Stickers, Shopping tags and @mention sharing
  • Instagram is moving fast to keep the momentum of Stories going
SOURCE: Instagram

LinkedIn adds New Features to Get More From Posting (in Progress)

  • Add video captions to give more context – now we have the option to add closed captioning to our videos
  • Share quotes from articles – we can now easily highlight a quote from a LinkedIn articles on mobile and share it directly to our feed
  • Save posts as drafts to share when they’re ready
  • Easily access the content we’ve created/shared – LinkedIn has introduced a ‘Me’ tab which will collectively groups all of our published content in one place 
SOURCE: LinkedIn

Amazon Launched Amazon Prime in Australia

  • Amazon only launched in Australia in December 2017, but now, just six months on, it’s also launching Amazon Prime
  • Australians can pay AUD$59/year or AUD$6.99/month. However, Amazon is charging just $4.99/month until January 2019
  • The best perk of Amazon Prime AU is free 2-day shipping on Prime-eligible products to around 90 percent of Australia
  • Other Prime perks for Australian subscribers include access to millions of products on, access to Amazon Prime Video, access to Amazon Prime Reading, access to Twitch Prime and an Australian Prime Day
SOURCE: Business Insider


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