This week in media news, gain more awareness around your Google Ads game, and game-changing news for Facebook groups.

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Big news for Facebook Groups

  • Launched in mid-2018, Facebook is slowly allowing more people to create groups with access only for paid subscribers
  • Facebook has previously allowed admins to charge anywhere from $4.99 to $29.99 USD per month
  • WARNING: read the T&Cs they include details of how much Facebook will take as commission and who will retain content ownership when you close down the group.
  • Facebook is also adding the following features to support group pages
    • New text post formatting options so your posts stand out in the feed
    • The ability to comment in discussions as the page

Source: Social Media Knowledge

YouTube expands testing of its own ‘explore’ feature

  • YouTube’s own explore feature, aimed to drive organic reach, is being rolled out to more users
  • This will see their recommendations algorithm being expanded to include more topics, videos, and channels than their current algorithm

Source: Social Media Knowledge

New search metric on Google Ads to improve optimisation

  • The ‘click share’ metric will be added to Google search to give advertisers a better sense of how they’re competing with other ads
  • Check out the example that Social Media Knowledge gives:
    “If you received 70 clicks, and your click share is 70%, then it’s estimated that there were another 30 clicks that you could have received if you had more extensions, better copy/content/offer, higher bids etc. On the flip-side, if you have received 100 clicks on search ads, but your click share is 5%, that means searchers choose to click on other people’s ads 1900 times to your 100? Why is that?”
  • The function has been available for shopping campaigns since 2015 and has proved popular

Source: Social Media Knowledge

Facebook Watch is only renewing one-third of news shows

  • In an effort to support sustainable video businesses, Facebook Watch has told publishers that only one-third of news shows will be renewed
  • A publisher who had their show renewed said they also only received 70% of the original budget, but was allowed to sell ad space

Source: Digiday

Calling all Twitter fans!

  • Twitter is opening up its doors to a Beta Testing group
  • The group will give users a first look at any upcoming features before they’re released to the public
  • If you’re interested, head to the source link below

Source: Twitter Feedback



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