This week in media news, Instagram rolls out a second removal of likes in Australia, Snapchat pushes new shows to watch, and more platforms focus on supporting content creators.

Will you be implementing any o these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Likes removed on Instagram for Australian users

  • You may have noticed today if you’re in Australia that you can no longer see how many likes other people receive on Instagram
  • Instagram has tested this once before but not in the Australian market
  • This is in an effort to remove pressure of likes and improve people’s experience on Instagram
  • What are your thoughts with this new change?

Source: Mumbrella

Snapchat launches Creator Shows with new programs

  • Snapchat is slowly rolling out new shows that include shows from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serena Williams and Kevin Hart
  • It will be in a separate section from its current spot in ‘Discover’ for easier viewing of new episodes and programs
  • Its aim is to give advertisers more opportunities to align their messages with top influencers

Source: Mobile Marketer

Multiple platforms focusing more on supporting content creators

  • YouTube is adding a Super Stickers feature to allow fans to purchase stickers during live streams to support their favorite creators
  • Facebook is introducing Stars which will help fans send creators small payments during streams similar to Twitch’s Bit Emotes
  • And Twitter is creating a brand studio called ArtHouse which offers digital strategy, video creation and editing, influencer and artist management, and event live-streaming in an effort to help creators with their strategies

Source: Mobile Marketer