This week in media news, LinkedIn keeps rolling out the big guns and Facebook adds more 3D photo functionality.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Get ready to take your photos to the next level on LinkedIn

  • Just like you can on Instagram and Facebook, all LinkedIn users will now be able to tag others in uploaded photos
  • Social Media Today has reported that you won’t need to be connected to someone to be able to tag them
  • Stickers and adding alt-text is also being made available

Source: Social Media Today

LinkedIn brings ‘reactions’ to their platform

  • As announced on their blog, LinkedIn, users can now like, celebrate, love, insightful, or curious react to posts
  • It will be available on desktop and mobile apps

Source: LinkedIn

Facebook is testing story style swipe for the news feed

  • On the 15th of May, Facebook confirmed to Techcrunch that they are testing carousel/story style swiping for news feed posts and stories

Source: Techcrunch

You can now share 3D photos to Facebook stories

  • Currently you can only take 3D photos on Apple, with functionality slowly being rolled out to android devices with dual cameras or portrait mode

Source: Tech Gen YZ

YouTube is planning on creating ‘choose your own adventure’ videos

  • These interactive videos will take you back to your childhood ‘choose your own adventure books’ where the user controls how the story progresses
  • YouTube is dedicating a whole new unit to this innovation

Source: The Verge