This week in media news, Snapchat is in hot water again, YouTube makes an important change, and influencer marketing continues to make an impression on big companies.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Chrome is expanding their ad blocking initiative worldwide

  • Google Chrome announced that from July 9th 2019, they’ll stop showing disruptive ads worldwide
  • This seems to be a part of Google’s initiative to improve user experience following the release of their updated version of Chrome in 2018 that allowed users to mute sites that commonly have auto-play ads

Source: Chromium Blog

Spotify shines a brighter spotlight on podcasts

  • If you aren’t one of the many people who have started a podcast recently, now is the best time. Spotify is working on their algorithms to provide better podcast recommendations to its listeners
  • They are also planning on updating the app to put podcasts front and center
  • The company is also looking to feature exclusive podcasts on their platform

Source: Tech Crunch

You can now post to multiple Instagram accounts at once

  • Tech Crunch confirmed that Instagram is now rolling out a feature that allows you to post one post to multiple accounts
  • The feature will start rolling out to iOS users first

Source: Tech Crunch

Brands are taking influencer marketing that one step further

  • Business Insider reported that Amazon has started paying a new intake of influencers’ commission rates up to 10%
  • The percentage of the commission influencers receive depends on the product type that they are selling. For instance, their private fashion line is paying a 10% commission fee, whereas toys are paying 3%

Source: Business Insider

YouTube has removed auto-sharing features for Twitter

  • YouTube is no longer allowing users to auto-share their YouTube activity to Twitter
  • Things like adding a new video, adding a video to a playlist and saving a playlist are included in the change

Source: Social Media Today

Gillette has released an ad that’s got people talking

  • Gillette has released a short story-like ad that has been trending around the world
  • The storyline centers around toxic masculinity and touches on the #metoo movement
  • Haven’t seen it yet? Make sure you check it out in the link below

Source: YouTube

WhatsApp is now more popular than Facebook

  • Last year, WhatsApp surpassed Facebook as the platform with the most monthly users
  • The platform has a high usage rate in emerging markets predominately in Asia

Source: Mobile Marketer

Snapchat is in hot water for running ads that promote fake news

  • Brands need to be on the lookout for which platforms they spend their ad dollars on
  • Snapchat has recently been caught out for promoting fake news stories on their ads
  • As reported by Digiday, “Ad buyers said the existence of an ad promoting fake news reflects poorly on the platform.”

Source: Digiday