This week in media news, Instagram tests new features to support influencers, YouTube adds new call to action options, and Facebook re-launches paid search.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Google adds new video ad call-to-action (CTA) options for YouTube

  • Google has announced that YouTube will be rolling out new CTA options for video ads
  • The new CTA options seem to be a part of YouTube’s broader efforts to move away from the CTA prompts that often pop up on the video itself
  • The new feature will allow user experience to become more seamless
  • YouTube announced that by the 15th of January 2019 all on screen annotations will be removed

Source: Google Support

Facebook is adding an option to collect posts, similar to Pinterest

  • Users can collect posts and share the collections with friends
  • Facebook says this can be used for things like gift list ideas, planning parties, or cooking
  • You can also add friends as contributors to collections
  • Currently you cannot share the collections on your news feed

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Facebook is adding paid search results in its search and Marketplace

  • The results will appear as re-purposed NewsFeed ads which feature a headline, image, copy, and a link
  • Facebook is opening up this option to a small group of automotive, retail and e-commerce advertisers
  • The feature was available back in 2012 but was shutdown in 2013

Source: Mobile Marketer

Instagram stories is rolling out ‘countdown’ stickers

  • Social Media Today reports countdown stickers are being rolled out to users
  • When adding the sticker to your story you can customise the colour, end date and time for the countdown
  • Users are given the option to either share the countdown with their following or set a reminder for the countdown
  • This is a great feature for brands to increase awareness and maintain users following in the launch of campaigns

Source: Social Media Today

Facebook Watch is expanding to desktop and Messenger Lite

  • Expanding user reach, Facebook has announced that Watch is now available on desktop as well as Messenger Lite
  • Facebook have also announced that ad breaks are now available to eligible brands in over 40 countries

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Instagram tests special account features for influencers

  • Called ‘creator accounts’, Instagram will be giving influencers special tools to manage their accounts
  • These tools will include data about follows and unfollows, and filters for direct messaging
  • The features will be made more widely available next year

Source: Mobile Marketer

Instagram has launched voice messaging

  • Users will now be able to send recorded voice clips in DMs as an alternative to typing text
  • The voice chats will be 1 minute long and listenable forever
  • The feature is available in one on one and group chats

Source: Social Media Today