As this week closes, the news is that LinkedIn is rolling out voice messaging (finally) and re-launching their popular Groups platform in a new way. Exciting moves around augmented reality in Facebook Messenger; tests letting users subscribe to news stories and a new shortcuts bar for users.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


LinkedIn is rolling out voice messaging tool to LinkedIn messenger

  • LinkedIn has announced they are globally rolling out the the ability to record and send voice messages up to one minute
  • This tool has been integrated to help users more effectively and efficiently communicate with one another

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is re-launching Groups into the main app

  • TechCrunch highlights a number of new features that will be rolling out amongst the re-launch of groups
  • Conversations in Groups that you are in will now also appear in your LinkedIn stream
  • Users will not be able to edit posts as well as share videos, photos and GIFs
  • Group activity will be highlighted more within your personal notifications
  • Admin users can now pin posts to the top of the groups feed and sent out group messages


Facebook is testing a new option which will enable users to be notified of updates for chosen news stories

  • As Facebook posts are ordered in newsfeed by relevance rather than chronologically, this can be problematic for users trying to follow breaking news coverage
  • Facebook has released a statement saying they’re testing a new option which will allow users to “choose to follow the overall story — by clicking a button on any of the individual updates — receive a notification whenever new content is shared. That notification links to a page where people can view all of the related updates in chronological order.”

Source: Facebook

Facebook Rolls Out Personalized Function Bar Shortcuts

  • Facebook is personalising our function bar shortcuts based on our individual activity on the app
  • Users will be able to see anywhere between four to six icons

Source: Social Media Today

Facebook Messenger now has AR games

  • Facebook continues to build on its interactive AR tools, this time through the addition of group games in Messenger video chats
  • The option is available at any time during a video chat
  • Up to six people are able to participate in a game at once
  • With the launch, there are currently two games available

Source: Facebook



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