This week in media news, Facebook is taking fake followers very seriously, and will we be seeing watch party on another platform?

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Twttr is here!

  • No, that’s not a spelling error. Twitter has released a prototype of its own app to test new features that have been reported on in the past
  • The app is currently only available to an initial group of testers

Source: Twitter

Facebook announced updates to their ad metrics

  • Facebook has updated their ad metrics. The update includes:
    • Removing less-used metrics such as the single use relevance score and replacing this with three new metrics: quality ranking, engagement rate ranking and conversion rate ranking
    • There will also be changes to the way Facebook calculates potential reach for ad campaigns

Source: Facebook

Google ad images will soon be shoppable

  • Google is opening up a new ad format that will allow users to see shoppable items in a Google image search
  • Similar to Instagram and Pinterest, the tags will show the brand, price, and other details

Source: Search Engine Land

Facebook takes legal action against fake followers

  • In the US, Facebook has filed a lawsuit against companies and people who are promoting the sale of fake followers, accounts and likes on Facebook
  • If you’re an offender, be on the lookout for a drop in engagement and likes

Source: Social Media Knowledge

Instagram is developing new tools including being able to filter your followers list

  • Instagram is working on making it possible to filter your ‘Followers’ and ‘Following’ lists to see your latest or earliest followers/following
  • This means you can connect with your earliest supporters or engage with your most recent followers making for a more targeted reach
  • They’re also trying out a karaoke-style story feature to add to their current music sharing options

Source: Social Media Today

Instagram is playing with a watch party feature

  • Similar to Facebook’s own watch party where people can watch a live or pre-recorded video together in real time, Instagram seems to have plans to add this feature too
  • It has been spotted on the video chat within the Instagram app, however an official statement is yet to be made

Source: Twitter

Twitter announces new analytics tools to improve video engagement

  • Timing is Everything’ is the newest Publisher Insights tool showing historical data of when your audience is watching and engaging with videos on Twitter
  • This means that the dashboard will show you the best times to tweet a video for your audience to watch it.
  • This data aims to help you get “maximum engagement, conversation and viewership” from your audience according to Twitter and can help you develop a stronger Twitter content strategy
  • View the Analytics Dashboard here

Source: Twitter