It’s Snapchat and Pinterest’s turn to get innovative with Pinterest rolling out a new tab for ‘suggested’ content and Snapchat allows some companies to curate stories from posts.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Pinterest is boosting content discovery with new ‘more ideas’ tab

  • Pinterest has just announced a new feature that highlights similar content from what you have previously saved
  • Pinterest has also announced a feature that will suggest ‘sections’ to organise your ideas in

Source: Pinterest

Snapchat allows big media companies to create curated stories from public posts

  • The feature, called Our Stories, which was previously available to Snapchat only, allows public stories to be collated and grouped by things such as breaking news and live events
  • This is now being rolled out to publishers, with Snapchat starting out with 26 media companies

Source: Digiday

Techcrunch reports that Facebook is internally testing new voice command controls for messenger

  • Techcrunch claims Facebook is currently testing new voice command controls for messenger that will enable to send messages, start voice calls and create reminders with your voice
  • If Facebook implements these controls after testing, this would mean messenger will be heading towards a more hands-free friendly application

Source: Techcrunch

Facebook confirmed they’re testing a ‘nearby friends’ feature

  • Mobile Marketer reported that similar to Snapchat’s feature, Facebook is currently testing a nearby friends feature that will show the current location of your friends on a map
  • Facebook confirmed that the feature will be able to be turned on and off by users

Source: Mobile Marketer



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