This week in media news, Facebooks tells us more about how the news feed works, Twitter reduces the daily follow limit, and finally an answer to ‘what happens to my Facebook when I die?’

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Twitter is playing with labels for reply threads

  • As reported by Social Media Today, Twitter is testing labels for conversation threads that will identify original authors or people mentioned
  • The social media platform hopes this will make conversations on Twitter easier to follow and jump in on

Source: Social Media Today

Facebook reveals more about the inner workings of your news feed

  • Facebook brings more transparency to news feeds by showing its users why they’re being shown something
  • The feature has been available on ads previously but is now being rolled out to organic posts
  • This move puts more power in the hands of users to control what they see

Source: Social Media Knowledge

Twitter reduces the number of people you can follow in a day

  • To combat spam follows on Twitter, you can now only follow 400 people max., every day
  • The spam tactic involved following a large number of people, seeing how many of them follow back, and then unfollowing those who don’t

Source: Tech Crunch

This is what happens to your Facebook when you die

  • Facebook has announced that profiles of deceased people may now be memorialised
  • This feature will allow people to share things like memories and stories to their profiles in order to preserve their memories
  • Facebook friends of the deceased can request for a profile to be memorialised

Source: Facebook

Facebook and Instagram are rolling out more measures to reduce ‘inappropriate’ content

  • Facebook announced yesterday that they are introducing more features and rules that will better protect their audiences from inappropriate content
  • These include reducing the reach of groups who repeatedly share the wrong information and bringing the Facebook verified badge into messenger
  • Check out the source for more details

Source: Facebook