This week in media news, Facebook’s big developer conference, F8, makes a lot of big announcements, and Google makes a potentially game changing algorithm adjustment.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below:


Twitter has released their May events calendar

  • These calendars are a useful tool for you to plan your May social media posts
  • Be on the lookout for ours, coming soon!

Source: Twitter

Instagram might soon let you start a chat from a story

  • Social Media Today has reported that Instagram is testing a ‘join chat’ sticker that may be available through stories
  • The chat looks like it will be available to anyone who can view the story
  • For businesses this could prove to be a very useful tool to spark engagement, conversation, and community

Source: Social Media Today

New YouTube changes will affect brands and creators

  • The first change comes in YouTube’s algorithms which will affect the way content gets chosen by ad buyers. The new ‘P-Score’ looks at a video’s popularity, passion, protection, production, and platform.
  • The second big announcement is that YouTube originals is moving to free to view, scrapping the old subscriber only model. Of course these videos will still feature ads.
  • Make sure you check out the source for more in-depth information

Source: YouTube

Facebook’s annual developer conference brings big news

  • There’s A LOT to cover so we’ll keep it short. For the low down, watch the full keynote
  • Facebook desktop is getting a design overhaul, with the new look featuring more clean white space, and looking more like its mobile app
  • New group features such as posting through an admin are aimed at supporting community building through the platform
  • Also get ready for Facebook dating! One of the best features is a ‘secret crush’ where you can add up to 9 people you have a crush on. If you also appear on their list, Facebook will match you two

Source: Facebook

You’ll soon be able to shop from YouTube

  • Still in testing, you might soon be able to make purchases directly from a YouTube video
  • Similar to being able to buy from Instagram, the information bar will feature product prices and recommendations, taking users straight to the shopping page
  • Google is expected to make a concrete announcement about this on May 14th

Source: Mobile Marketer