This week in media news, we’re talking best practice for SMS strategy, UGC campaigns, and Facebook Marketplace for brands.

Will you be implementing any of these into your digital marketing strategy? Anything we missed? I’d love to hear your thoughts, post in the comments below.

How to incorporate SMS into your marketing strategy

  • SMS messaging is great for time-sensitive marketing campaigns as 90% of all messages are read within three minutes of delivery, and they prompt a significantly higher open rate than EDM communications.
  • Best practice is to keep messages under 160 characters, present a value proposition, and use personalisation to boost engagement.

Source: Omnisend.

Brands turn to Facebook Marketplace after retail closures

  • As retailers are forced to close their storefronts and Amazon reaches saturation, numerous brands are turning to Facebook Marketplace to market and sell stock.
  • Facebook’s extensive user data allows for an ultra-personalised shopping experience and product discovery, which is ideal for small businesses looking to reach new audiences.

Source: Modern Retail.

Tips for UGC campaigns and challenges

  • Isolation has seen an increase in tag-to-challenge campaigns, such as Twitters #SafeHandsChallenge which saw 4 billion impressions in two weeks.
  • The best practice is to use a short and simple campaign name/CTA, encourage consumer participation, and connect the CTA to your audience’s everyday life.

Source: Mobile Marketer.