Robert Hamilton Owens 

The secret to becoming a high performer 

My guest this week is truly the definition of Unstoppable. If you’ve ever wanted to develop grit, resilience, discipline, and learn how to manage your emotions to break through any obstacles holding you back, then you can’t miss this massive episode with the fittest 67-year-old in the world, Robert Hamilton Owens! Completed 12 Ironmans, SEALFIT’s 50 Hour Challenge, 300 of Sparta Endurance Race, The World Marathon Challenge 777 and more, graduated from the U.S. Special Ops School for Pararescueman and is a father of five. This is how to become Unstoppable.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • 4:21 – The extraordinary story of Robert Owens
  • 10:52 – “You can outsmart and outwork talent”
  • 19:51 – The mental training before physical training
  • 29:50 – How to control your emotions
  • 45:56 – Grit, motivation, and pushing past your limits
  • 1:09:40 – Why discipline and humility are fundamental to success

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