The saying, ‘trust your gut’ is more than a cliche. In fact there’s real science behind your gut instinct so before you pass it off as being woo woo, let me explain why in business and in life, it’s crucial to listen to your gut. 

Your gut is actually its own nervous system– it produces the same chemicals your brain makes when you think. Serotonin? Produced in the gut. Neuropeptides? Produced in the gut. This is why mental health takes such a toll on gut health, and vice versa.

The science behind your gut instinct

This allows the gut and the brain to communicate instantly and subconsciously.

Here’s how it works. You have a part of your brain called the amygdala, which is basically like a big catalogue of all your life experiences. It stores memories, tastes, smells, emotions, everything.

When you experience something familiar, your amygdala scans the catalogue and pulls up how you felt about it last time.

If you had a bad experience, your subconscious brain will be telling your gut via neuropeptides “get the f**k outta here”. If you had a great experience, it’ll be all butterflies and rainbows.

The science behind your gut instinct

Long story short, your gut is like a brain that can’t doubt itself.

Now, the process of how the brain and gut communicates is super interesting. 

The atoms in our body communicate with each other via vibrations and photons (a.k.a light waves). So when your brain communicates with your gut, the atoms in the brain tell the atoms in the neuropeptides to move to the gut which is where you get your instinct.

BUT literally everything is made up of atoms. 

And all these other atoms can hear your atoms talking to each other.

The science behind your gut instinct

This is why sometimes we get a good or a bad vibe from people – the atoms in our body are picking up on their atoms vibrating and decoding photons. It’s like overhearing their internal conversation. 

I suffered a pretty serious stroke in ‘09, which left me with a short term memory loss. I couldn’t hold a conversation because I couldn’t remember what people said 15 seconds ago. 

When people came to visit me, I learned to feel their presence and really pay attention to how they made me feel.

There was no point trying to to listen to what they said because I’d forget it anyway, but I ended up fine-tuning my gut instincts and intuition.

Nowadays when I’m hiring someone, I take notice of the energy they give off and what it stirs in me. Because you know what? That’s important, that’s their body telling my body what their intentions are.

Having a gut instinct isn’t to be scoffed at. It’s not paranoia, it’s not superstition, it’s your subconscious brain and body picking up on very real signals that other people are giving you.

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Kerwin Rae