My natural talent is that I’m good at storytelling.

 We should all develop that skill because social media is all about story. It’s about telling narratives, either in a photo, video or text. 

You can have two people tell the same story but one person can make that story come to life and another person can make that story put you to sleep.

When it comes to storytelling, what’s the difference between telling a 30 second story and a seven minute story? It’s you’re ability to tell it. If you’re a really good story teller, then by all means pull out your seven minute story.

It’s like what Gary V says. Do you think it’s possible to Snap Chat too much?

Gary Vee: “If it’s good, no. If it’s not, yes. People will watch a four hour movie if it’s great.”

Practice is the key to becoming a great storyteller.

Practice is the key to becoming a great storyteller.

It all comes down to content. It’s not how long the story is, it’s your ability to communicate it in an engaging way. You know, if you’ve got someone’s attention, if you’ve got their interest, the way that you then essentially create a hypnotic environment is getting into the detail.

Because I could tell you about a time when I was in Maui and I was lying on the beach and it was really sunny and it was nice and we were throwing the ball around, and it was amazing and it was a great time. We had a few beers and we came home.

Or, I could tell you, I remember we were in Maui and we were sitting on the beach. I remember clearly, the waves were crashing in the background and I could hear these kids playing on a swing set at a park nearby, and it was kinda weird because at the time there was a pelican. And this pelican just flew and you could almost hear the breeze going through his wings as he kinda went over. And I remember at that point I was looking around and I saw these boats and I could hear the waves and I felt the sun – it was really hot. And I remember thinking at the time, wow, life is pretty good.

What story was more interesting? The second one.

So how do you become better at storytelling? Practice. Practice of? Telling stories. That’s it.

It’s just learning how to be human. You might be thinking, “Ooh, how can I tell a story to make more money?” But it’s not about telling a story to make more money, it’s “How can I tell a story that would be really interesting and engaging”. 

Practice on your friends and family.  They’re not going ask you for storytelling refund, okay.

When done correctly, there's great power in storytelling.

When done correctly, there’s great power in storytelling.

Here’s something powerful. When my three-year-old son Noah used to get really upset, for the longest time my wife Kristen used to always take him when he was really, really beside himself.

And then there was one time when we were in Canada at the lake where her grandparents are, and Noah was just losing his shit over something, I can’t remember what. And Kristen took him but he wasn’t calming down.

And I just said to Kristen, “Let me take him. Just give him to me. Let me take him”.

I took him into a room and he continued to lose his shit, I sat down with him and I just went, “In a world where there was -” and I just started telling this story but I was saying it in a way where this penguin came in and he blew up and he turned into a cigar.

And all of a sudden he was calm.

And I just remember thinking, “Wow, stories are so powerful they can change everything”.

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