When it comes to freedom, first we have to understand how we work as a species. Structure creates discipline and discipline creates healthy human beings.

People require structure in order to be healthy. Having no structure is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to a human being.

Same as with a dog. If you allow a dog to do whatever it wants, so basically it’s called when you humanise a dog, and you give it no boundaries based on an understanding that the dog comes from a pack environment and needs boundaries to be healthy – but when you take those boundaries away, what happens? 

It becomes anxious, aggressive or very nervous. And when a dog becomes anxious, aggressive or nervous it starts misbehaving, and everybody blames the dog. But nobody blames the human being that allows the dog to do whatever it wants.

And in order for a dog to be healthy, it requires structure. It requires order. It requires hierarchy.

Everybody wants to have the freedom but no one’s willing to put the structure around themselves

Everybody wants to have the freedom but no one’s willing to put the structure around themselves.

And human beings, when they have no structure they become very unhealthy. Because if a human being has no structure, what will they do? They’ll eat what they want, they’ll drink what they want, they’ll do what they want. And they end up doing something, one of those two or all of those things together, combined creates disharmony and creates an unhealthy environment.

I’m a recovering drug addict. So, I understand firsthand that my desire for freedom led me down the path of drugs at an early age. Because I wanted to do whatever I wanted and I couldn’t be told. And the very thing that I wanted, created all those issues.

And in order for me to have freedom, do you know what the ultimate key to freedom is? Structure and discipline. Because structure and discipline creates freedom.

But unfortunately for most of us, we don’t associate structure and discipline with freedom. We see structure and discipline as an inconvenience. As an obstacle. As something we’ve been forced to do.

So what happens on the day when you’re very tired and you’re discipline says get up at 5am or whatever, and you feel like your not free, how do you deal with it?

Do it anyway. Get up at 5am, do it anyway, because it’s about the habit.

A lot of people don't associate structure and discipline with freedom.

A lot of people don’t associate structure and discipline with freedom.

Structure and discipline creates habit. The habit sets you free. Okay, structure means this is what I have to do when I have to do it. Discipline means I force myself, focus myself, ensure that I get it done. After 62 days, roughly, it’s now a habit.

Now that it’s a habit you do it unconsciously, you’re now free. That’s the magic.

Everybody wants to have the freedom but no one’s willing to put the structure around themselves, and apply the discipline that’s required in order to be set free.

Structure + Discipline = Freedom.

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