The one piece of content that changed my business forever

Five years ago my presence on social media was pretty dismal compared to what it is now.

In the beginning of 2013 I had around 3800 followers on Facebook, I had no Instagram, my LinkedIn was nothing special, I had about 1000 views on YouTube across the board, and around 2000 followers on Twitter but they were all crap follow for follow bullsh!t.

But it was on the 14th of November 2013 that I posted my first piece of content that went viral.

It was a post about a donkey that fell into a well… (now animal lovers don’t lose your shit, this is a fable).

The story goes, a donkey fell into a well and the farmer who owned the donkey was so distraught that he decided the best way to help was to put it out of its misery and euthanize it.

The farmer started filling the well with dirt. But the donkey had other ideas. Every time the distraught farmer shovelled dirt onto the donkey, the donkey shook it off and stepped up on top of the dirt that was on its back.

The farmer kept shovelling and the donkey kept shaking it off and stepping up, shaking it off and stepping up, shaking it off and stepping up…

The donkey eventually got itself out of the well and the moral of the story is if you find yourself in a dark hole and people are shovelling shit on you, keep shaking it off and stepping up because sooner or later you will get your ass out of the hole.

The post went nuts. It’s had nearly 2 million shares, 84,000 comments, a million reactions. Not only that, there’s been about 3000 articles written on this post which all linked back to my Facebook profile.

We got something like 50,000 followers in just six weeks – it went ballistic!

Since then we’ve reached over 500 million people around the world in our relentless pursuit to create content that changes lives.

But my point to this is, it just takes one piece of content to go viral. One piece of content that puts you on the map. One piece of content that could potentially change your business forever.

Now in 2013 I sucked at social media. I had no idea that the post about the donkey would go as crazy and as viral as it did. And it took me another few years after that to get a video to go viral again – the difference is, now I’ve cracked the code and lifted the lid on social media.

I put blood sweat and tears in to find the blueprint on what it takes to grow my following, my brand and even my revenue by using social media. I have the formula and now I’m giving it to you… in my latest event The Fast Growth Summit Social Media Series.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, social media is the biggest opportunity for growth right now, which is why I’m back on the road coming to a town near you.

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Kerwin Rae