One of the things I’ve become aware of is consciousness.

The more conscious we become the more aware and the more powerful we become.

We’ve got to become conscious of our psychology, and the role our psychology plays in the way that we behave.

Have you heard words like intention or intuition?

Intuition is inbound information.

Intention is outbound information.

Intention is outbound information that you’re sending outwards from your body.

What we need to understand is the role the body plays when it comes to creating and affecting the world around us.

Your psychology drives your physiology.

Have you ever just thought about something, and kapow! It’s happening. Okay, that’s a demonstration. Some of you might say, ‘Oh that’s a coincidence.’

A coincidence is nothing more than creating the neurology of circumstantial creation. I don’t use the word coincidence anymore.

From now on, you reclaim your power, and everytime you create something that you know you consciously created you say, ‘Wow, I created that.’

Not, ‘OMG, I created that – I’m f***ing amazing!’

Because now we’re bringing in ego and ego will elate you which will create charge, and whenever you attract charge you attract negative charge in order to humble you.

We want to avoid the humblings, because there’s going to be plenty of those a

So you are constantly communicating with the environment, your heart is imprinting information, you are programming your heart to tell it exactly what you want it to say.

The question is: are you conscious of what you are creating?

The question is: are you conscious of what you are putting out there?



Kerwin Rae